Sunday, March 28, 2010

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Load Mo Sarili Mo

LMSM or Load Mo Sarili Mo is a new project in partnership with SMART Communications, launched only this 1st Quarter of 2010.

If interested or if you have any inquiries, you may reach me through the following avenues:

Carlo Matig-a (yup may dash po talaga yan)
Cellphone: 0919-2701106 / 0999-5095575
Yahoo Messenger: (add me up!)

You may visit their website on this page.

If you want to know my very honest, no B.S. and upfront opinions regarding this venture, or you may just want to air your views. Please visit/put your comments on this page. I'll read it as soon as I can and give you a response with the best of my ability.

For Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

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P.P.S. My contact details for LMSM inquiries are just a little bit above, in case you missed it